Film and Video Transfer Services

IHSF services include the conversion and transfer of all 16mm and 8mm media formats to DVD. Reel to reel, Beta, VHS, and all other video and audio formats can be transferred as well. We also offer professional editing, DVD duplication services, together with full commercial video production. Please contact us at the link below for any questions about these services.




Perfect for individuals who desire a straight, non-customized copy of your original video format.


Transfers may include original as well as additional sound tracks and title inscriptions. Audio may be captured from all types of audio media dating back to wire recordings. You have the ability to narrate the images once they are captured and ready for transfer.

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Below is a demonstration sample of our capability to transfer film to a digital format.

Click here for a 8mm transfer sample video - Paris Market - Campbell Collection 1939

Click here for a 16mm transfer sample video - Schuhmann - 1937

Click here for a Hi8 video transfer sample - George Millard in Alaska - 2001



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