Looking to the Future

January 26, 2024

Dear Friends of IHSF,

Dr. Evan Davies, Founder and long-time director of IHSF, died on July 2, 2023 and subsequently IHSF has been faced with difficult decisions. In Evan’s last months he had many discussions with staff as to the future of IHSF and composed the following statement:

A team of Professional Archivists, Librarians, and Historians, are dissolving the holdings of IHSF into categories suitable for gifting to relevant universities, museums, serious collectors, and competitors, where they can augment other historical accounts of the past 60 years.

All of us (including donors) rejoice knowing that original would-be-disposals, after much restoration and preservation, can now be ensconced into appreciated surrounding. The new age is challenging and proponents are better able to transform old applications into contemporary new.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our stint; we now delight in seeing our applications reinforced through novel methodologies. We pass along decades of our collective instincts and, with them, our Good Will.

With both Evan’s blessing and the difficult realization of long-term financial realities, the IHSF Board of Directors has asked the staff to begin the long process of finding new homes for our collections. Many holdings have already been transferred to other archives and museums, and we will do our best to continue to do this. However, we cannot guarantee that every collection will be transferred. We estimate that closing IHSF will take 3-5 years.

Should you wish papers or photographs which you donated returned to you, please email IHSF at ihsf@zianet.com or call 575.525.3035 during regular working hours no later than March 15, 2024. Please note that IHSF is continuing to offer services to digitize photos, films and sound for the public.

We send our gratitude for the many years of friendship,

The IHSF Board of Directors

Dr. Rick Hendricks

Mr. Richard Layne

Ms. Anne Morgan

Dr. Julia Smith

IHSF is a premier resource and educational research center. Collections consist of historical documents and a full range of archival photographic images and sound recordings from around the world.

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