Archive Collections A


• Abernathy, George
A/V: 16mm Film-Dedication of Solar Facility-Willard NM

• Abramowitz, Benjamin L.
Papers: The Abramowitz Journal-May-June 2006, military papers

• Adam, Glennis
Papers: Air traffic control
A/V: Various
Lib: Aviation books

• Adamek, John
Papers: Leatherneck Magazine 1944
A/V: 8mm films, LPs - 33 1/3, 45, & 78

• Adams, Betty J.
Papers: Univ Pk Womens Golf Assn Scrapbooks & records

• Adams, Floyd
Papers: Regarding Howards W. Sames & Co Inc

• Adams, Herbert
Papers: WWII
Photos: Slides, World Travels

• Adams, Dr. J. Mack and Joe Ann
Papers: Ranching ledger, WWII, post cards, ledgers & various
A/V: 8mm film reels
Artifacts: Mimbres Pots & Indian bowls

• Adams, Joe Ann
Artifacts: Edison player

• Adams, Karla
Photos: Prints & Negative

• Addis, Tom
A/V: Audio cassettes & CDs

• Alexander, Michael
Photos: Slides & prints
Artifacts: Audio Reels

• Allen, James E.
Photos: Slides

• Allen, Jim
A/V: VHS/Cassette Tapes

• Allred, Dr. Kelly
Papers: New Mexico resources

• Alshouse, Wesley
Papers: Military Records
Photos: Military

• Alvarez-Stutts, Rosemary
Photos: Loretto Academy, Family, USS Thomas Jefferson

• Alves, Leonard
Photos: Slides of Argentina

• Ambrose, Margaret
Photos: Phil Ambrose, Negatives & slides

• Ammons, Elizabeth
Papers: Technical manuals re: Space flights

• Anaya, Tonya
Papers: Scrapbooks

• Ancker, Casey
Papers: Pamphlets/Booklets of Europe

• Ancker, Col. Jack
Papers: Military
Photos: Military and travel
A/V: Tape of daily bugle calls, cassettes

• Ancker, Mary
Photos: Slides
A/V: Films, Videos and VHS tapes and equipment

• Anderson, Amil
Photos: Slides

• Anderson, Nancy
Papers: 2004 Genealogical Records

• Anderson, Odessa
Papers: Handrawn Map "Village of Old Picacho", 1934

• Anderson, Sonya
Papers: WWII correspondence (microfiche)

• Andress, Jim
Papers: Article "Armendares Ranch", WSMR articles
A/V: CDs
Artifacts: Maps re: New Mexico

• Ansara, Susan
Papers: Vintage greeting cards, postcards
Photos: Slides

• Applegate, Dennis
Photos: Prints & Slides
A/V: Films

• Archibald, Fred and Dorothy
A/V: Family movies, various

• Ardovino, Joseph
A/V: Classical recordings

• Arned, Tim
Photos: Commercial Slides

• Armstrong, Maxine
Artifacts: Lewis Baptismal Cap, 1948

Arndt, Betty
Papers: WWII Service
Photos: WWII Service

• Ashby, TC
Photos: Photos of 1916 El Paso HS Graduation Class

• Atkins, Gene
Papers: Personal

• Atmar, Valerie
Papers: Book
A/V: Records

• Augustine, Sr., John
Papers: Scrapbooks & misc. papers
Photos: Albums
A/V: "Early Las Cruces Film"

• Austin, Ernestine and Jack
Photos: Ecclesiastical

• Avallone, Anthony
Papers: Manuscript

• Avitia, Lynne
Photos: Travel slides

• Ayer, Betty
Papers: Liquor Labels, Postcards, Stamps, Sheet Music, Maps, etc.
Photos: Slides
Artifacts: Baskets, Hooked Rugs, Clothing



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